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Growing up in church we were taught to pray for our future spouse. As an adult, I still see the practice as pertinent, just not well executed. We as girls were encouraged to dream and make wish lists of what we hoped for in a mate and then pray for that man to come into our lives; as if God was Santa and we were asking for our most coveted Christmas wish.

I knew that my parents had been praying for my future husband from what I understood was the moment I was born. It was an abstract concept in…

When it feels overwhelming

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I’m a firm believer that miracles happen. I’ve seen them. What I’ve paid less attention to is the struggle of living through your miracle.

In October 2019, I read the book Hope Heals by Katherine and Jay Wolfe. It is the story of Katherine’s tragic stroke just after her first son was born and the road to surviving her miracle.

It is the kind of book that makes you uncomfortable. It makes you question how you would survive a tragedy in your own life. It instills a bit of fear into your complacency and tests you.

Two days after finishing…

A free resource for daily Bible study

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If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you may have seen the one where I spent a year reading through the Bible with the Bible Recap. It was a year of growth for me and allowed me to stretch beyond my comfort zone to see the Bible as one cohesive book of history.

Now, two years later, I decided to give it another go, but this time I made some changes. As I mentioned in my previous blog, my first time reading through the Bible with the Bible Recap, I was skeptical and only said yes because some friends…

Understanding the significance of remembrance

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Do you find yourself always focused on the future and striving to not look back? The trouble with this mindset is that we tend to consider looking back as a negative thing and we forget to glance back in remembrance with gratitude.

Salt pillars

I’m reminded of the story of Lot’s wife in Genesis 19. God sent an Angel to tell Lot that the city where he was living was going to be destroyed because of sin and only Lot’s family would be spared. Lot and his family were given two commands by the angels: flee and don’t look back.

Unfortunately for…

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No human being will ever fully understand your struggles. Why is this? Because your struggles, doubts, fears, and experiences are unique to you. Sympathy and empathy are both beautiful human traits filled with compassion and love, however, they cannot allow a person to understand your pain to the degree that you experience it.

If you, like me, had already been struggling with pain and disappointment long before the onset of Covid, your compounded grief is likely misunderstood. In the last 2 years, I’ve been bombarded with loss that I was still grieving when the world suddenly came to a stop.

A quick guide for entrepreneurs

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What does it take to become an entrepreneur/solopreneur? Large sums of money? An over-the-top idea? A garage office?

You might be surprised to know that it takes more and less. You don’t need a huge nest egg to fund your entrepreneur project. Many entrepreneurial startups began as a side hustle. You probably don’t need a garage to start your journey, but you should designate a small space for yourself until you grow out of it. If your office space looks more like a practical desk in the spare bedroom, or a takeover of the kitchen table, that’s alright! You don’t…

Tips for celebrating during this non-traditional holiday season

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It seems as if the phrase, “this Christmas will look different,” has become the proverbial broken holiday record.

The holiday season is here and you’re probably looking down the tunnel of something completely different than you’re used to. Have you been thinking that it doesn’t feel like Christmas?

Are you planning to celebrate an alternative Christmas with loved ones? I‘ll share some tips for preparing for this holiday season no matter if you’re home alone or spending it with loved ones.

Home alone

  • Make it merry and bright — Are you not able to be with family this Christmas? It’s not too…

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Like many, this holiday season might look different for you. Maybe you, like me, were unfortunate enough to lose a loved one on top of an exceptionally difficult year. If the 2020 holiday season feels empty, you’re in good company.

The week before Thanksgiving, my grandfather passed away. Due to COVID restrictions, I was forced to say my goodbyes through a window. We were close growing up, and while my heartaches, I’m finding peace in the grief. As Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas looms ahead, it has already begun to feel lackluster in the shadow of loss.

Everyone copes differently…

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Every writer has their own unique style, but not every writer has their own editor. What online resources should you use to update your self-editing process? There are plenty of tools (both free and paid) that can enhance your editing technique and assist you on your journey to becoming a better writer.

  • Grammarly — if you don’t already have a free Grammarly account, you should! Even the free version of Grammarly helps you to identify spelling and grammatical errors that are easily overlooked during a self-review of your work. …

Thankfulness beyond Thanksgiving Day

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In a year where it's easy to feel far less than grateful, it’s even more important to practice gratitude. The autumn season tends to bring out a few days of gratitude for most Americans before the return to gift lists and the job we desperately need a break from. However, the question remains, why is gratitude important for only one day?

2020 has stolen so many things from people across the globe. Loss of income, less time with loved ones, and even the loss of family members and friends without closure. It’s robbed most of us of mental and physical…

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